June, 2017

KATU Channel 2 News "AM Northwest"

In preparation for the 2017 Recycled Arts Festival Ben and I were interviewed by news anchor Helen Raptis on the KATU channel 2 show "AM Northwest."  Ben stole the show and displayed his fantastic ability to shine under both bright lights and some heavy questioning!  Truly my partner at Allotropy Designs he can answer just about any question that is thrown our way.  We loved being a part of this chance to plug one of our favorite events of the year.  Later we were asked, "Is Helen as nice in person as she seems on television?"  Why yes she is.  She's so sweet and even took the time out of her busy schedule to shake Ben's hand, congratulate him and take a few pictures for him to show off later.

You are really talented!
— Helen Raptis, news anchor

December, 2016


For me Allotropy is more than just turning discarded wine bottles into beautiful jewelry, it's a way of life.  I live Allotropy on a daily basis, and for me, Allotropy is about being earth conscious in a beautiful and sustainable way.  It's about considering the larger impact of our actions and moving in a conscious, thoughtful and yes, even profitable way.  I practice Allotropy not just in the studio but also in the garden as well, by raising honeybees (and selling the honey).  BeeThinking, a local beekeeping supply store wanted to highlight local beekeepers and felt we were a perfect fit for their first highlight.  On a crisp, bright September morning their videographer came out to the house and together we did hive inspection.  We talked about being environmentally conscious, about educating those around us and about how being sustainable can also be beautiful as well.

They are a work of art!
— Farmer Tom

December, 2016

Re: Place in PDX

Nancy was one of over 200 guests that stopped by the studio in mid-November during the Open Studios Tour.  We had a table full of food and drinks for everyone to enjoy while people could explore my house, studio and backyard.  Nancy R. at Re: Place in PDX took beautiful pictures of my home showing how my art fits into home decor and makes beautiful gifts for just about anyone.  I really appreciate Nancy's support of recycled, reused and local items before purchasing from big box stores.  When I read through her blog, I feel like we are cut from the same vegetable colored, hand dyed, locally sourced and repurposed cloth.

If you have gifts to give, start with experiences (experiences over stuff!) then move on to items that are recycled, reused, and local.
— Nancy Ranchel

November, 2016

Clark County Today

In preparation for the Clark County Open Studios Tour I was contacted by Kelly M. a journalist for the Clark County Today.  She was looking to interview a new artist to the event and had heard our studio was just the one to see.  How does one prepare for a journalist in your art studio?  Clean?  Nope...too much work.  Make coffee?  Why yes, I think that'll do!  We sat at the window in my studio and talked about family, friends, art, and yes, even politics!  (It's November on an election year- politics are hard to avoid.)  It was like talking to an old friend and an hour later we remembered oh right!  We had an article to finish.  Her article ended up being amazing and I was delighted to have her and her daughter visit my studio during the tour.   

..blend of scientific know-how, artistic spirit and love of reusing and recycling...
— Kelly Moyer, Clark County Today

July, 2016

On the Go With Joe (KPTV)

When we were approached by the organizers of the Clark County Recycled Arts Festival to be on morning television how could we possibly say no?  Ben was a little reluctant, only because it was sooo very early in the morning.  Along with several other artists we sipped coffee all morning and waited for our chance to display and explain our recycled art creations.  When our filming was over it was 8:30 in the morning it was time to get into the studio for the day.  Ben and I hopped over to Home Depot to get some more polishing cloths when a random gentleman in the aisle enthusiastically said, 

Hey, I saw you on television this morning! Your stuff is fantastic!

July, 2015

The Columbian

At our very first festival and first ever competition we nabbed third place in the Give the Tin Man a Heart competition.  Not too shabby.  Artists were encouraged to create a heart for a life sized metal Tin Man in honor of the Clark County Recycled Arts Festival's tenth year.  Our heart was created from the light blue glass of a Twin Vines Vinho Verde bottle and a piece of old fence board.  With the help of the electricians at Compass Electric we even created a red beating light that simulated the variant beat of an actual heart's rhythm.  As a previous cardiac nurse I really threw myself into this creation.   I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out.

Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.
— The Wonderful Wizard of Oz