Your finest silver..

Certain metals, like fine silver, can be incorporated into the surface of a glass bead and literally adhered to the surface of the glass.  This is delicate work as the glass must come out of the flame longer than typical in order to "wrap" the bead leaving it prone to shattering right there in front of yours eyes.  

spinning fine wire.jpg

The metal must also be clean and pure- sterling silver won't work.  This work can be particularly challenging and frustrating but the end results are truly amazing.

Leaving the wrapped bead in the flame a little longer causes the silver to ball up on the surface of the molten glass....  

Continuing to leave the bead in the heat causes the silver then melt into the surface of the bead and slowly react with the surface of the glass causing a color change.

As one customer held this necklace in her hands excitedly exclaimed, "It's like, it's like....pixy dust!"  another said it looks like the turtle is returning to the ocean.

turtle 4.jpg

Often I receive my inspiration from the stars in the night sky, a visit to the Oregon beaches, sometimes curiosity guides my inspiration... "I wonder what happens when I ...."  (when something sparkles, shatters or lights on fire unexpectedly I'm made acutely aware that it was curiosity that killed the cat...)

Nevertheless, I love challenging myself everyday to create something beautiful, unique and from recycled glass that you can love for years to come.  

Always testing the bounds of instability,