Vanilla Skyy

A quick update from the art studio.  

It wasn't until fairly recently that Allotropy Designs became our sole focus- our bread and butter, but we made the leap, followed our dreams and it's paying off.  The support from clients has been overwhelming and invigorating.  We are here to serve, please and create for you 100% and this whole "being our own boss thing" is good for our creativity. 

The other night we created some Seattle Seahawks earrings and posted it to Facebook in a “Gameday Giveaway” which was viewed by over 500 people and increased our following by 50% and counting.  Quite a hit!

These earrings were hand crafted using traditional lamp working techniques.  For these earrings we recycled a Sky blue Vodka bottle for the blue glass and hung them with Sterling Silver hooks.

IMG_0469 copy.jpg

What else can we do with Sky Vodka?

(Other than drink it, of corse.)  

Well we can create these.  They have the same glass, same bottle but a totally different feel.

More creations are cooking in the kiln now.  Another give away soon.  Stay posted.

Always testing the bounds of instability,

Ariel Young
Designer & CEO of Allotropy Designs