A Pot Melt

Happy Friday!

Some people love the holidays but I'm not really one of those people.  The dressing up, chit chatting, and playing nice with family makes me want to escape directly to my studio.  The good thing about holidays though....avoiding everyone by hiding in my studio, fuels my creative juices!

This is what I've been baking up in the Allotropy Studios this week...

Twin Vines Pot Melt Allotropy

We start by smashing up some bottles... Then load the kiln....and run it for about 20 hours at very high temperatures

Once everything cools down this is what you find, all the glass  has melted out the bottom of the pot and landed on the flat plate below.

It goes onto a bowl shaped mold and then back in the kiln.

Allotropy Bowl Mold

After this firing you have...

Now 8 hours of sanding, also known as cold working...

And we are done!

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Twin Vines Pot Melt

Happy Holidays to you and your family however you choose to celebrate!


Ariel at Allotropy Designs Studio