Eat, Drink and shop jewelry!

It's been an exciting few days in the Allotropy Designs Studio.  I met with the owners of Klickitat Canyon Winery several weeks ago to discuss a partnership between our two companies.  They are an organic, sulfite free, sustainably grown winery that takes pride as much in their fantastic wine as they do in the process they take to make it.  They were very enthusiastic about displaying Allotropy designs in their tasting room in Stevenson.

So three short weeks we are.  Setting up.  Ready to go.

Award Winning Wine

I could truly spend hours just talking to Kathleen and Robin the owners of Klickitat Canyon Winery because they are!  Between the amazing views and the great conversations it made it hard to get actual work done- but under a time crunch we finally succeeded.  The boards are up, the jewelry is shined, boxes and bags are ready, wine is chilled....and the chocolate, yes chocolate is ready for your refined taste buds.  

Klickitat Winery opens at noon today and our designs are proudly displayed on their walls.  It's been amazing to take this next step.


Ariel Y.
Recycling is beautiful.

Jewelry with a view
Fantastic Views at Klickitat Tasting Room
Allotropy Jewelry on a wire
Klickitat Tasting Room Views